EKC Series – chennai india, EKC Series – chennai, EKC Series – , general ac EKC Series – , EKC Series – , ERC Series – chennai tamil . Temperature controller. EKC MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE Sensors: Danfoss Pt, PTC or NTC • Calibration of sensors. RI8NB R INSTRUCTIONS. EKC D (B). R Type: Pt Instructions RI8NB © Danfoss 05/ EKC D.

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Thermostat Set point Regulation is based on the set value plus a displacement, if applicable. The value is the same as the one set for night setback, but will only be raised if the value is positive. A controller only contains this part of the functions. Refrigeration stopped by main switch. Renewed cutin after defrost can be accomplished based on time or temperature.

The compressors used must be of a type that is capable of starting up against a high pressure. The timer function starts when voltage is connected to the controller, but it is displaced the first time by the setting in fanfoss Reversed function where the relay cuts out when refrigeration is demanded this wiring produces the result that danoss will be refrigeration ekcc the supply voltage to the controller fails.


Time delay for door alarm The time delay is set in minutes. With only two keys, all functions can be set and programmed.

HVAC Danfoss Electronic Temperature Controller type Danfoss EKC A B for Freezer

Relays The general connections are: Here you define which: Normal display Normal display shows the temperature value from the thermostat sensor Sair. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for providing a reply.

EKC for panel mounting and EKC for DIN-rail mounting have been specially developed for control duties in refrigeration plant so that operation, setting and programming are optimised and simplified as much as possible.

To avoid a too high setting of the setpoint, the max. Instead of the compressor a solenoid valve may of course be connected in the liquid line.

Either with r12 or a DI-input S China Good Quality Box type condenser Supplier.

The abovementioned does not influence compliance with the right to process data, which was performed on the basis of the consent expressed by you, before you withdrew it. The Danfoss controller is used for applications where temperature is critical. Activation can also take place via input DI defined in o Off fkc DI is open.

Running times To prevent irregular operation, values can be set for the time the compressor is to run once it has been started. Defrost start can also be accomplished via contact signals or manual start-up. The setting will be the defrost time if d10 is selected to be 0 EKC c30 d01 d02 d03 d04 Time staggering for defrost cutins during start-up The function is ekcc relevant if you have several refrigeration appliances or groups where you want the defrost to be staggered in relation to one another.


Refrigeration stopped because of open DI input S You obtain this by pushing the upper button for a couple of seconds – you will then enter the column with parameter codes.

The contact will cut in when refrigeration step 2 has to be cut in Defrost. Hermetic Compressors c02 min. Dsnfoss briefly 1s the upper button.

Control Danfoss EKC 102D 084B8506

Extra sensor Here you define the application for the Saux sensor. All the mentioned methods can be used at random — if just one them is activated a defrost will be started. Activation can take place via r39 or input DI Eic The controller can give alarm in different situations.

If there are several, you can continue pushing to see them.

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