EMC PowerPath for Linux Installation and Administration Guide. ◇. EMC PowerPath for Release Notes. ◇. EMC PowerPath Family for Linux Release Notes PowerPath SP2 for HP-UX Release. Notes. PowerPath. EMC? PowerPath? for Windows Version Installation and Administration Guide P/N REV A03 EMC Corporation Corporate. 2 EMC PowerPath for HP-UX Version Installation and .. Installation and Administration Guide EMC PowerPath for Linux Installation and.

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This chapter includes the following sections: After you install or upgrade Supporting Veritas Volume Manager The type of icon reflects the state or status of dor particular object selected.

You can use PowerPath Administrator to set up and change your device configuration and manage physical and logical path components.

Uninstall any PowerPath hot fixes on the host. All paths guidf the specific disk device have failed. We notice than performance IOs is slightly degraded. Used in all text including procedures for: On the Choose Setup Language screen, select the language for this installation from the list and click OK. When the driver is signed, the field contains information about the organization that assigned the driver.


Published April 20, EMC believes.

This feature is available in a separate software package available on Powerlink. The installation only uses first character entered and must be a valid drive letter or the default drive will be used.

Otherwise, powermt isntall may take a very long time. EMC PowerPath Administrator is unlicensed and one or more of the hardware components that comprise the path has failed, therefore, the entire path fails.

PowerPath for HP-UX Installation and Administration Guide A07_百度文库

In the EMS device bus dialog box, select Properties. You must reinstate those settings after you upgrade.

If you do not have the Internet Explorer aadmin. XMap 7 Administration Guide. A lower version patch can be applied on top of a higher version one Multiple patches can be installed and can coexist.

PP doesn’t support OS updates ……. PowerPath will use your old key. Click Yes to save the latest console settings.

The major number is not applicable in most configurations. The information is subject to change without notice. It does not remotely monitor the status of another host.

EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE for Microsoft Windows Version 5.5 and Minor Releases

If you do not upgrade, the PowerPath installation aborts. Log in as root. Disconnect redundant paths to the storage system Before you reboot, shut down the host and disconnect installl paths from the host to the storage system: Do not change this setting to enable native multipathing for legacy addressed devices while PowerPath is installed.


Right-click EMS device bus.

PowerPath for Windows Installation and Administration Guide A03_百度文库

From anr command line. There is one such device per path. Add the corresponding cXtYdZ device names. Logical devices are disk devices presented by the storage system. You can also install PowerPath on clusters with greater than two nodes. Unmount any layered file systems.

Choose a convenient time Installing PowerPath entails restarting the host. Use this procedure if: On Windows host On a Windows host, the command performs the following functions: Type the admih number exactly as it appears on the card or letter.

From the Control Panel, open the System applet.

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