: Propagandes () by Jacques Ellul and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great. Introduction. Jacque* EJluTs view of propaganda and his approach to the study Therefore. Ellul distinguishes various fonrts of propaganda and calls his book. 13 quotes from Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes: ‘To the extent that propaganda is based on current news, it cannot permit time for thought o.

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Modern propaganda could not exist without the mass media or modern means of transportation which permit crowds of diverse individuals from all over to assemble easily and frequently.

Propaganda Quotes

In fact, no propaganda can work until the moment when a set of facts has become a problem in the eyes of jaqcues who constitute public opinion. Several events have occurred that propagands furthered propaganda by increasing its ability in depth and discovering new methods. Sociological propaganda does not result in action, however, it can prepare the ground for direct propaganda.

For a time from to aroundpropaganda was simplistically viewed as being able to modify sentiments and attitudes of an individuals without their being conscious.

Ellul and Merton

Propaganda is designed to be continuous within the individual’s life by filling the citizen’s entire day. The other great psychological reflection of social reality is the myth. The necessity for a physical organization limits propaganda enterprises and in order to be effective propaganda must work inside a group, principally inside a nation.


Public jacues ceases to be controversial and can no longer form itself except through channels of mass media.

The relationship between democracy and propaganda evidently presents a conflict between the principles of democracy and the processes of propaganda. Conversely, the individual should not be viewed as alone as a listener, watcher, or reader because the individual is nevertheless part of an invisible crowd though he is actually alone. If the propagandist attacks the network at one point, all myths react to the attack.

It is remarkable how the various presuppositions and aspects of myths complement each other, support each other, mutually defend each other: Where no informed opinion with regard to political or economic affairs propaganda cannot exist making it an indispensable aspect.

They attribute authority and eminent value to the printed word, or, conversely, reject it altogether. The artificial, impersonal public opinion created by propaganda is absorbed by the individual and he becomes filled with its conviction.

The emergence of propaganda is interconnected with technology and scientific discoveries yet it can only appear and grow under certain conditions. Propaganda grafts itself onto an already existing reality through “informed opinion”. All of his writings reflect his search for a spiritual orientation propaganxes seeks reality and meaning amidst a disorienting century. Once a mass society is created, public opinion will begin to play a role to help individuals form their own personal opinion.

Real information never concerns such a person.

It can be ideological and doctrinaire- that is the Communist type. It tries to convince, to bring about a decision, to create a firm adherence to some truth. They are perfectly adapted to propaganda. This book appears to be the first attempt to study propaganda from a sociological approach as well as a psychological one.


Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes – Wikipedia

However they lose their value as propagances passes as old facts are replaced by new ones. The ideology is no longer the decisive factor of propaganda that must be obeyed by the propagandist.

Outside of propaganres, reading has no meaning and even destroys certain automatic qualities of memory and observation. Public Opinion and PropagandaCh 5. Doubleday, As best we know, Jacques Ellul and Thomas Merton never corresponded with each other, and Ellul never mentions Merton in his writings. Individuals without natural organic local groups are defenseless and more likely to be caught up in a social current.

Propaganda is first and foremost concerned with influencing an individual psychologically by creating convictions and compliance through imperceptible techniques that are effective only by continuous repetition. His fifth point consisted of a quote from The Technological Society. While most people view the formation of public opinion as being shaped itself by interaction between pro;agandes viewpoints on controversial questions, this is incorrect because public opinion is delineated lelul propaganda as a “truth” which is either believed or not believed.

Democratic regimes develop propaganda in line with its myths and prejudices.

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