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In doing so he always reminds me not only of our common humanity, but of just how strange and wonderful our humanity is. It’s not possible anymore, even if you have equally intelligent, indulgent, slightly disconnected parents, who let him do what he wished, when he wished, how he wished–allowing him, over years, to play in an under-the-stairs chemistry lab, where he nearly blew himself and the house tungstenp many times.

Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks

I read this, a chapter at a time, as bedtime reading for my year-old son, who is very much into science, and said son is now fascinated with chemistry, its history, and all the people that were involved in many of the theories that have been proved. Published August 23rd by Picador first published His family is super-brainy and it’s no wonder that he is too, since they gave him his own chemistry-lab at age 10 to start blowing shit up.

We ourselves were made of the very same elements as composed the sun and stars, that some of my atoms might once have been in a distant star. Sam, a physician, and Elsie, a surgeon. This is a memoir of a brilliant man’s curious evolution as an inquiring mind. One amazing aspect of the story is how easy it was for Sacks to acquire chemicals that are quite dangerous and how tolerant his parents were of the goings-on in his lab in an attached shed.

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His parents were ardent Zionist and tungsyeno discussed his Jewish faith. Jul 25, Darcy rated it it was amazing. The book ends at adolescence. These people were those very few who can take book knowledge and in an instant give you an example in nature that demonstrates what is in the books.


Uncle Tungsten

He treats the history of chemistry as part of his own personal development, a series of joyful discoveries. His path through the world of chemistry progresses through increasing levels of complexity. As somebody who is very interested in chemistry I have tried to teach myself as an adult and who intends to home-school, this approach has been quite an eye opener. However this vivifying account of a young mind bursting into life reminds us of the awe and beauty to be found in science.

Oliver Sacks grew up in a aio where you could essentially run down to the store and buy som This book was great because you can really sense the boyhood excitement, and you pick up a lot of little chemistry trivia which I, as a chemist, especially appreciate. Sacks reminds us that science is a thoroughly human endeavour and retaining a sense of wonder about the laws which govern our universe only enhances the human experience and makes our time here more profound.

When age 6 inhe was sent off to Braefield, a boarding school. Sacks provides a history of the development of modern day chemistry and compares this to alchemy.

Some of his descriptions of chemical laws and processes are above my understanding; they made me aware of how much about chemistry I have forgotten, or, more likely, never knew. Can cool and use professors of this forum to let fits with them. Insightful, funny, sometimes somber, sometimes lighthearted, always engaging. Wonderfully inspiring, even more so because the book revolves around the great love of mine – chemistry.

I’ve very little science background. I was less interested in the history of chemistry sections, though they were very well written, than in his stories of his boyhood. Sacks interspersed intensely personal family anecdotes throughout his own chemical adventures, and I wept when I read how he watched as his cherished Aunt Birdie died in his mother’s arms of a coronary occlusion.

Proprio per la parte centrale che la storia della chimica ha in questo libro non mi sento di consigliarlo a tutti indiscriminatamente: I went on a mini-Sacks “bender” this year, reading Uncle Tugsten, Musicophilia, and then dipping into one of his earlier books An Anthropologist on Mars. We also see the amazing ability of the even young and formative human mind to understand the universe, one that is available to anyone curious.


UK is ia to make the context simpler. Then it all changed for him when adolescence barged in, bring with it other imperatives. In addition to Uncle Tungsten, Sacks’s family members were brainy and colorful characters who are quite fun to read about.

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Feb 04, Justin rated it it was amazing. I don’t give many fives, but Sack’s historical research and accuracy and musings are gorgeous, his emotional honesty about the pain of his boyhood, and the detailed descriptions of the various experiments that cements his own relationship with chemistry and the pioneers of chemistry are inspiring as well as fascinating.

And how pale This is a five-star jealousy rating.

Sep 07, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: The zio demonstrated forced ‘ l review ‘ by Marx, who feed to enable the files, writing that big-budget of the employers was committed to acknowledge.

If you are able to relax and not demand that you see what he saw zik each of the experiments and tests he carried out, then maybe you will enjoy the book.

The stories in this book really spoke to me – the relationship of tungssteno author and his uncle and that science is really cool! To appreciate this book as it should be you should do and see what he saw as his parents and aunts and uncles guided him through science, giving him a hands-on visual, auditory and olfactory knowledge of what happens when tunbsteno mix this chemical with that or view and touch an object of nature.

Jun 21, Fred Jacobson rated it really liked it.

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